Monday, October 2, 2017

And that's the last of the DPhil Interviews completed...

It feels momentous, but probably isn't, but today, the last of the DPhil interviews were finished.  This does bring some major factors into consideration, the main one being that I have close to twenty hours of recordings to transcribe.

I can feel carpal tunnel setting in already.

On a serious note, some very busy people have given generously of their time, to what was in most cases a complete stranger asking odd questions for which the potential benefit to themselves was probably nothing except the chance to have a chat about things that interest them and help someone out.

It is good that so many were prepared to talk to me.  Of course, I should remember that an equally large number said no politely, failed to turn up for agreed interviews, stopped answering phone calls and emails, or just told me to go away.  I know how those poor chaps providing unsolicited Microsoft support from a shed in India feel...... 

However, the memory I shall choose to retain is that there are some really good people out there, and I have been lucky in that everyone I have interviewed has been extremely likable - as well as clearly knowing their stuff and being prepared to share their knowledge and expertise.  Maybe that is a level of self selection - only the nice people get interviewed?

Despite dreading this particular aspect of the research (generally being far more comfortable in a dark room with a computer)  I have really enjoyed all the interviews.

So thank you to everyone who helped.  It is greatly appreciated.

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