Back to it

I have spent the past five years doing 'things other than writing', but it is definitely time to return to what it is that I really want to do.  Any description of what the past five years involved is more suited to a long evening in a dimly lit bar, but it has provided avast source of material for future writing projects, and for that I am grateful. As I return to writing, I have no doubt it will be as difficult as ever to get things moving, and part of the process will be to terminate or complete previous projects, rather than continue to invest my time in them, as well as to look for new projects to undertake. So, saying that: Firstly, Spikethecat Limited is being shut down.  I had left it dormant, but I think it is best not to go back to it.  It was rewarding, but hard work and a distraction from any writing of my own.  This is quite sad, as I have seen a number of writers quote Spikethecat as having been "a good thing" that had provided encouragement to the
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